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Resident Spotlight: Soho Lofts

Living in a Bark Building means having access to pet-friendly amenities, from endless treats to a pet concierge who can help answer questions related to your furry friend. But what really sets us apart each Bark Building is the adorable furry residents! Our new Spotlight feature is a fun way for you to get to know some of the pets (and the humans) that make our buildings so special. And maybe even make a new friend in the process!

Brody B / @brodythebernedude SOHO LOFTS, Jersey City NJ

This month, we spoke to Morgan and her adorable Bernedoodle, Brody! Morgan moved to Soho Lofts in July of 2020. She works in human resources, and when she is not focused on recruitment, she loves to hang out with Brody. She is also a huge fitness enthusiast and appreciates having a gym in her building, making it easy to work out!

Can you tell us about Brody? I got Brody in February 2021, and he just turned one in December. He is a super friendly pup and is excellent with dogs and humans. Brody has a very enthusiastic personality and is a high-energy pup who wants to be everyone's best friend.

Brody sounds like a social butterfly! Does he have any best friends? He gets along very well with other dogs. A few of his best friends are JoJo and Ranger. Brody does make friends very quickly since he will try to be every dog's friend at the dog park.

Does Brody know any tricks? He is a very obedient dog for the most part, and he knows how to give a kiss on command!

Aww, that is so sweet! So when Brody isn't busy making new friends at the dog park, what is your favorite thing to do together? Go on long walks with him during the warmer weather and play with his favorite squeaky ball.

It seems like a squeaky ball is Brody's favorite toy! So what is his favorite treat? His favorite treats are his special treats which are cheese and bully sticks.

Brody has good taste! Now, If you had to pick between a walk-in closet and an on-site dog park, which would you choose? This is a tricky question since this is a deal-breaker when I look for an apartment, but I will pick an on-site dog park.

Brody appreciates that! What's the most rewarding thing about being a pet parent? I would say it is the symbiotic relationship between Brody and me. We both make each other's lives better and are always there for each other.

That truly is an extraordinary bond. What would Brody say is his favorite memory with Bark Buildings so far? He would say a recurring memory. Every time he goes on a walk and gets a treat by the concierge is his favorite memory ever.

That is why the treat jars always stay replenished! And for the final question, what’s one pet perk you wish you could bring with you to all your future homes? Bark Building's services. It is very nice to have a trusted service with familiar faces walking Brody. Having Bark Buildings is very helpful and takes a lot of stress away from me dealing with key entry issues.

We hope you enjoyed getting to know your neighbors a little more with our Resident Spotlight, and stay tuned for the next one. Check out our updates by following @BarkBuildings on Instagram. And as always, if you live in a Bark Building, make sure to reach out to your Pet Concierge if you need any pet parenting guidance.


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