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5 Tips to Make Apartment Living with a Cat Easier

The convenience of apartment living has many benefits for us humans but we may worry if our cats can live a happy life in a smaller space. With the proper considerations and care, keeping your cat happy, healthy, and safe is easy while living in an apartment. After all, the amount of love and positive attention your cat receives is much more important than the square footage of your apartment. We've compiled our top tips to help enrich your cat’s life while living in an apartment!

Sign up for a Digital Veterinary Service

Your cat’s health is the key to keeping her happy and living a long, full life. You want to find a veterinarian nearby so that you can easily schedule regular checkups and stay up to date on vaccines. But when you have a cat, sometimes there is a medical situation or concern that may not require a trip to your vet but needs attention or advice immediately. Online veterinarian consultations can be an efficient, effective treatment for your cat! You can schedule an appointment with a licensed veterinarian online and discuss your cat’s condition via phone or video call. If you live in a Bark Building, you can redeem your free week’s membership to Pawp’s online veterinary clinic and get instant access to veterinary video or text consultations from your phone. Click here to learn more about Pawp and access your free week!

Prioritize Daily Cleaning

When living in a small apartment, a little cat hair becomes a lot of cat hair seemingly instantaneously. Without daily wiping and sweeping, you could very quickly be living in a collection of cat hair, cat food crumbs, and cat litter. We’ve got a pro tip for removing cat fur from upholstery and fabric! Simply dampened rubber gloves and then run your hand over the surfaces to attract fur. Rinse off the glove when it’s covered with hair and then repeat this process as needed. If you don’t have rubber gloves, a slightly wet sponge will work just as well!

Cat-Proof Your Cabinets

Let’s be realistic, when you are living in a small apartment “off-limits” zones for cats are more aspirational than enforceable. For this reason, anything toxic, unsafe, or not designed for cat consumption should be put into a lockable cabinet or a cabinet with child safety latches. Tall, open storage shelves are irresistible vertical spaces for cats! Invest in shelves you can fasten and secure at a height your cat can’t get to, and take advantage of lidded plastic storage containers.

Rethink Your Cat Furniture and Utilize Vertical Space

Traditional cat trees aren’t always practical in an apartment because they are big and bulky and take up a lot of space. Instead, use window perches or cat poles to promote play while providing vertical space. This will maximize floor space in your apartment. Cat poles are vertical climbing towers that come in wall-mounted versions to free up your floor space, or you can get one attached to the ceiling and the floor. Both types come with comfy steps for your cat to perch, sit and lounge. For more tips on creating vertical space in your apartment, check out our article here! Utilize a Delivery Service

Space can be a dilemma in an apartment, especially if you want to store bulk supplies. And if you live in a city and don’t have a car, carrying those big bags is an even more difficult chore. Order big bulky items for delivery, or support your local small pet store and give them a call - many smaller pet stores in cities now offer free delivery on specific days of the week!

It is easy to create an environment in a small space that is good for our cats and us! We hope these tips make living in an apartment easier for you and your cat. And if you live in a Bark Building, reach out to your pet concierge for more helpful tips and pet parenting guidance.


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