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Resident Spotlight: Grove Pointe

Updated: Mar 29, 2022

Living in a Bark Building means having access to pet-friendly amenities, from endless treats to a pet concierge who can help answer questions related to your furry friend. But what really sets us apart each Bark Building is the adorable furry residents! Our new Spotlight feature is a fun way for you to get to know some of the pets (and the humans) that make our buildings so special. And maybe even make a new friend in the process!

Sofie K / @sofie.the.schnauzer GROVE POINTE, Jersey City NJ

This month, we spoke to Sarah and her adorable miniature schnauzer Sofie. Aside from being a mommy to Sofie, Sarah is a teacher in Manhattan. She moved to Grove Pointe apartments in downtown Jersey City in 2018 and loved the community, especially the location. Sofie is a miniature Schnauzer with a huge personality who thinks she runs the place as in Grove Pointe! While she may think she’s the boss, her friendly and sweet personality shines through and has won the hearts of concierge and of her fellow furry neighbors!

What is the most rewarding thing about being a pet owner? It is so fulfilling, I didn't realize we were missing something in our life until we had her unconditional love, and how happy she gets every time to see us, we feel very connected!

That’s very sweet, I can tell she is very connected to you. Is Sofie more of a social butterfly or more of a quiet caterpillar? Sofie is a social butterfly and has many friends in the building! Willow and Bruno, to name a few!

Wow, lucky girl! Aside from being a friend magnet, does she know any tricks? She knows the difference between a paw shake, high five, and low five. Sofie enjoys giving the concierge a high and low five every time she walks out. She also loves to dance!

Which would you choose if you had to pick between a walk-in closet and an on-site dog park? I would choose an on-site dog park, but it depends on whether we have bark buildings or not. Having Bark Buildings makes our life easier, and it is okay we do not have one.

We are flattered! It sounds like you and Sofie have a lot of fun together. What is your favorite thing to do together? Walking to the dog park and playing tug of war.

What is Sofie’s favorite treat? Bocce's Bakery treats, the PB & Bacon flavor

I’ve heard lots of great things about Bocce’s Bakery treats. Moving on to our final question…what’s one pet perk you wish you could bring with you to all your future homes/residences? Her Bark Buildings dog walkers! Especially the cuddles she receives from Erika and Kira as she goes outside for her walk.

We hope you enjoyed getting to know your neighbors a little more with our Resident Spotlight and stay tuned for the next one. Check out our updates by following @BarkBuildings on Instagram. And as always, if you live in a Bark Building, make sure to reach out to your Pet Concierge if you need any pet parenting guidance!


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