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Community Pet Portal 101

Your Community Pet Portal is a fantastic resource for you and your pet! Each feature offers a unique benefit designed to make your life easier as a pet parent living in a multifamily community. We’ve created this handy guide to help you make the most of the Bark Buildings programming available on the pet portal!

Pet Concierge: Personalized assistance for all your pet care needs

Your dedicated pet concierge is a pet expert that’s assigned to your property to serve as a resource and help make your life easier. They can assist you with training tips and techniques, product recommendations, or even advise on which service may be best for your pet. They’ve even been known to provide tips for how to ease stress on your pet when your building has its scheduled (and dreaded) fire alarm test!

You can contact your pet concierge through your community pet portal, or schedule a phone call with them if you need more in-depth advice.

Perks Page: Find great products, and better discounts!

Our Perks page is a collection of unique discounts from our favorite National pet care partners, offered exclusively to Bark Buildings residents. These range from products (like Pet Releaf and PupJoy), to telehealth services (like Pawp), to pet entertainment (like Dog TV).

Meet the Pets (and Pet of the Month!): Show off your pet!

The most popular section of your pet portal happens to also be the cutest! Meet the Pets gives you a glimpse into all the pets registered at your property. Your neighbors have uploaded photos and a brief bio of their pet, allowing you to better get to know your community and say hi next time you see them in the elevator.

We highly encourage you to set up your pet’s profile with a photo and bio - and not just for the popularity points around your building. Bark Buildings randomly selects its Pet of the Month contest winner each month directly from all completed profiles in the Meet the Pets section of your platform!

Recommended By Bark Buildings: Local pet care providers you’ll love.

Our Pet Concierge has deeply vetted local service providers in your community and compiled a list of our favorite and most trusted vendors in your area. We’ve read all the reviews, scoured websites, and connected with each business to make sure they’re equipped to provide the best service and care for your pet. As an added bonus, your pet concierge has also secured exclusive offers from select providers that can only be redeemed by Bark Buildings members! Cha-Ching!

Community Updates: Stay in the know on everything Pet Friendly!

The Community Updates section is front and center on your dashboard, and that’s because it’s where a lot of the fun stuff lives! Your Pet Concierge will be keeping this section up to date with future pet-focused events, your building’s latest Pet of the Month, and new perks or blog posts you may have missed out on.

Living in a Bark Building means your property is committed to creating an extra special, and comfortable, living experience for you and your pet. Got an idea for a new feature we can add to your community pet portal? Give us a shout! We’re always looking for ways to improve our programming and to become a better resource for you and your pets.


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