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Resident Spotlight: The Enclave

Living in a Bark Building means having access to pet-friendly amenities, from endless treats to a pet concierge who can help answer questions related to your furry friend. But what really sets us apart each Bark Building is the adorable furry residents! Our new Spotlight feature is a fun way for you to get to know some of the pets (and the humans) that make our buildings so special. And maybe even make a new friend in the process!

Meet Piper & Danielle Small!

This month, we spoke to Danielle and her adorable Boston Terrier Blue Heeler Piper. Danielle Small moved to The Enclave apartments back in March. With everything going on, Danielle appreciated having Bark Buildings and the flexibility around working with her schedule. When she isn't working in Finance, Danielle loves a good run. Piper even helped her train for the marathon last year, they both are the perfect running duo! Piper and her mom also enjoy going on hikes and staying active.

Aside from being an excellent marathon trainer what else can you tell us about Piper? Piper absolutely loves people. She is very social and will greet people by jumping up and giving them a kiss. A game of fetch is her favorite and if it was up to her, she would play all day if I let her.

Piper seems like quite the social butterfly! Who are her friends at the Enclave? Lilly is her friend and I have also become very good friends with Lilly’s mommy.

We love that dogs help us make friends! What would you say is the most rewarding thing about being a pet owner? How happy she always gets when she sees me. The feeling is extraordinary.

Aww! That is always a great feeling. What is your favorite thing to do together? We enjoy taking long walks to the waterfront together. Piper likes people watching and gets excited to see the water and hear the waves splashing.

Our dog walkers enjoy their walks with Piper as well! What is Piper's favorite place near your building? The dog park, of course, and the benches downstairs make a perfect spot for people watching for Piper!

Hahah! We love that Piper enjoys people watching. And what is your favorite thing about living in the Enclave building? I love the amenities and having access to outdoor space that is private and inclusive.

The Enclave does have great outdoor space options, and that incredible dog park! For our last question, what’s one pet perk you wish you could bring with you to all your future homes/residences? I would bring all the pet-friendly staff. It’s so great living in a building where the staff respect pets.

We hope you enjoyed getting to know your neighbors a little more with our Resident Spotlight and stay tuned for the next one. Check out our updates by following @BarkBuildings on Instagram. And as always, if you live in a Bark Building, make sure to reach out to your Pet Concierge if you need any pet parenting guidance!


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