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7 Ways to Celebrate Earth Day with Your Dog

Over 50 years ago, Wisconsin Senator Gaylord Nelson paved the way to a cleaner environmental future with the creation of Earth Day on April 20, 1970. In a time when the Environmental Protection Agency didn’t exist, Nelson saw the need to bring the voices of a conservation movement to a national level. As a result, over 20 million people gathered that day. Together they shared their love of this giant blue planet, and now we gather together again to celebrate Earth Day 2022.

As an animal lover, proud pet parent, and member of this planet, it feels important to continue finding ways to sustainably celebrate this enchanting planet we get to cruise through the Solar System. So here are a few ways you and your family dog can celebrate this historic holiday.

Make Recyclable Dog Toys

Practice some of the 3R’s (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle) by using items around the house to create fun toys for pet enrichment. It can be as simple as throwing an old water bottle in a mismatched old sock to make a crinkle toy for your dog or take those jeans and braid them into a good tug of war toy for fido. There are so many things lying around your house that can be used as safe enrichment for your pet.

Make Recyclable Dog Clothing

Everyone has old clothing lying around. Whether it is a fast-fashion faux pas you regret buying, an old pair of jeans that don’t fit, or maybe you shrank a favorite sweater; it feels better to see those items get reused. Instead of throwing articles of clothing away, get creative! Take old clothing, like jeans or sweaters and turn them into fashionable, functional clothing for your dog. For example, you can make a simple bandana with a t-shirt or a sweater for your pup by just cutting the arms of the old shrunken sweater. Your old jean shorts could also be modified into a cute bandana with fringe that can make a cute cowgirl Halloween costume for your pup!

Sustainable Snacking

Take a trip to your pantry or get fancy and take your dog to the local outdoor farmer’s market. Pick out some in-season ingredients to cook up a few fresh recipes for some tasty treats. Or take a simpler route and go to your local pet store for some healthy yet environmentally friendly treats, like Chippin Treats. As a brand, they are all about “pets and their people “chipping in'' to help save the planet. They make high-quality, drool-worthy products that use 80%+ fewer resources and are especially good for dogs with sensitive

tummies or allergies. In honor of Earth month, Bark Buildings residents

get 20% off with code BarkBuildings.

Clean Up Your Local Park

Taking your dog to the local park is always fun, but often, especially in a busy city, the park (or even the block) could use a good cleaning. So grab a few friends, head to your local dog-friendly park, and pick up some garbage. Be safe and take protective measures, like wearing gloves or consider using a trash picker. Bring a big trash bag, and think of it as an extension of the poop bag you always use to clean up after your pet. This time it’s bigger and makes your local walks with your pet cleaner, safer, and a little more beautiful.

Get into the Garden

Getting the Earth a bit greener is always a good idea. Whether tending to the garden you already have or maybe adding a few more plants to your house or yard, gardening is good for the soul and the planet. The more plants we have, the more oxygen you and your favorite pup get to share. And believe it or not, most of your local Lowe’s Home Improvement stores will let you bring your well-behaved pup into the store. Of course, it’s always a good idea to call your local Lowe’s and check to make sure your furry pal is allowed inside that particular branch. Take your buddy to help you pick up a few pet-friendly, non-invasive local plants to add to your yard or maybe a few pet-safe indoor plants to bring a piece of your favorite planet inside. Pick up some seeds to plant too. Get creative by reusing old boots, old dog bowls, or teapots as planters!

Donate to Your Local Animal Shelter

If your dog doesn’t need a new sweater or any more toys, consider making some and taking them to your local shelter. There are plenty of dogs in shelters that could use an extra blanket or a warm article of clothing to keep them safe. And if you’re wondering what to make for the shelter pups, here is a link from the Charlotte Humane Society to get the creativity started.

Keep it Simple with a Good Earth Appreciation Hike

Short or long, your dog will always appreciate a nice nature walk. Find a pet-friendly beach or a nice view, and feast your eyes on the beauty of our planet. Leave the headphones at home and take time to listen to the trees and the local birdsongs. Find your inner Jane Goodall or Charles Darwin and take in all of the beautiful living things that make up your local ecosystem. Identify a few of the plants your dog always seems to love sniffing, or put a name to a few birds your pup always loves watching. Bring water and snacks for you and your furry pal, and remember to take it all in and get to know the part of Earth that you walk on every day.

Remember, you and your pets are active members of this giant biosphere. We all need to take the time to come together to appreciate and protect our home. Make sure to follow @BarkBuildings on Instagram for more tips and tag us with your earth day pictures! And if you live in a Bark Building, reach out to your pet concierge for helpful tips and pet parenting guidance.


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