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6 Tips to Help Your Dog Feel Their Best Between Baths

A dog grooming routine is essential to keep your furry friend not only smelling and looking fresh but keeping them healthy. Unfortunately, we may not always have the time to give them a proper bath or take them to the groomer, and some dogs do not enjoy baths (like our unhappy camper below). But don’t worry! We have a list of grooming products you can use in between baths to keep your pups smelling fresh and looking and feeling their best. These products make it easy to keep the dirt away and can be a part of their daily routine if you wish!

A Good Brush

Dirt and allergens are regularly collected and built up in a dog's fur. Therefore, regular brushing is essential to help remove dirt and allow our furry friends to feel comfortable and not itchy! In addition, when brushing, natural oils found in the fur get redistributed throughout, helping to eliminate any foul odor.

Make sure you have the correct type of brush for your dog as this is very important to provide a proper brushing. For example, if your dog falls into the "smooth-coated," you will need to purchase a rubber curry-type brush. This brush will help remove short, shedding hair on smooth coats. For dogs with a longer coat, you will need a slicker-style brush. This type of brush will allow you to remove the dead hair found in the undercoat. Dogs with longer fur are also prone to matting, so this is especially important for them! We recommend: FURminator Curry Comb for Dogs

Coat Spray

Before starting to brush, applying a coat spray will reduce static and make it easier to comb through their fur whether your dog has a smooth coat or long. You will be able to work your way through any tangles and prevent future ones. A good trick to avoid the spray from getting into your pups’ eyes is by spraying some onto your hands and running it through your dog's fur. They will probably enjoy the extra rubs while you're at it! A coat mist will also keep any foul odor.

We recommend:

Earthbath 3-in-1 Deodorizing Dog Spritz (comes in various scents)

Cleansing Wipes

Nontoxic, cleansing wipes come in handy when you're in between baths and want to keep your pup smelling and looking fresh. There are various types of wipes available to help you keep your dog clean from head to toes! If you're looking to keep your dog's coat healthy and shiny, look for wipes with a moisturizing conditioner. Keep a pack of gentle eye wipes handy to help remove stubborn tear stains and ear cleaning wipes to help get rid of dirt, wax, and any unpleasant smells. We recommend: Earthbath Hypo-Allergenic and Fragrance Free Grooming Wipes

Paw Protection and Wipes

After a playdate at the park, the dog's paws are probably all muddy and will need a good rinse. Having paw cleansing wipes handy are super helpful to remove the dirt off their paws. With the colder weather approaching, it’s also a good idea to give your dog a little protection by rubbing some nourishing wax under their feet. Always look for paw protection wax with no harsh ingredients and safe for your dogs if they accidentally lick their paws! Paw protection also comes in various types, from dry feet to itchy paws, so always consult with a professional for the best style for your dog. Ensuring their paws are healthy and feeling their best should be an essential part of your dog's grooming routine.

We recommend:

Dry Shampoo

Natural dry shampoo is an excellent option for in-between baths for dogs who do not like to get wet. There are many natural dry shampoo options on the market that not only help deodorize but keep your dog's coat fresh without needing water. Some of the dry shampoos also help with repelling ticks and fleas. Always consult your vet if your dog has any allergies to any cleansing products before purchasing. We recommend: Wahl Waterless No Rinse Dog Shampoo

Good Oral Care

Along with keeping your pups fresh and looking clean, don't forget oral hygiene. Oral hygiene is essential for ensuring your dog is looking and feeling its best. Regularly brushing your dog's teeth and providing them with dog-safe dental chews is an excellent way to combat these common oral hygiene issues, including smelly breath. We recommend: Greenies Large Dental Dog Treats

Tips on how to introduce grooming products

Before introducing any new product to your dog, gauge their body language for signs of discomfort. It is essential to always go at your dog's pace and know what they are comfortable handling. Remember to offer dog treats and praises when behaving well, so they associate the experience positively. We hope these products help keep your pup clean and happy while in between baths!

As always, we're happy to bring informative content your way to help keep our furry friends healthy and happy. Make sure to follow @BarkBuildings on Instagram for more tips! Or, if you live in a Bark Building you can always reach out to your Pet Concierge for more specific tips and pet parenting guidance.


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