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7 Leasing Tour Tips to Attract Pet Owners

Updated: Aug 16, 2021

How do prospective residents know that your property not only welcomes pets but is going to offer them and their pet the home they are looking for? We’ve put together a list of handy tips to help you better personalize leasing tours and provide a more impactful experience for prospective renters who are pet owners.

Lay out the welcome mat.

When you’re touring a prospect and learning what they are looking for in a new home environment, ask whether they have any pets in their family who will be living with them. Recognizing that pets are part of people’s families lets them know that you understand the importance of their pets in their lives and that you value these relationships. Asking the names of their pets and to see photos not only illustrates genuine interest but helps you get a sense of where their pets fit into their daily lives!

Speak a pet-friendly language.

Point to specific dog-friendly amenities both on the property and within the unit. Does your property feature an on-site or nearby dog park and walking trails? Great! Highlight these aspects. If your units offer extra-sound-proof walls, hardwood floors, or large bathtubs (hello puppy showers!), pet parents will love to hear about them.

Be a local expert.

Make sure you are well-equipped with knowledge about the local dog services used by residents, like dog walkers and doggie day cares. Not only will this help your applicants envision themselves living there and benefitting from those services, but it will also let them know that you are plugged into the community and that they can turn to the building or other residents for support in these areas after they move in.

Share a sense of community.

Be able not only to speak to how many other pets live onsite but to refer to them and their humans by name and maybe even offer a detail or two about some of them. Giving applicants a sense that they and their pets will be recognized and valued as part of your community can go a long way toward making them feel immediately at home on your property.

Include their plus-one.

Invite prospective residents to bring their pets with them when they come tour the property! When they arrive, having a treat jar by your leasing/concierge area or even a

treat in hand, ready to offer their dog, is a special way to welcome them by showing them their family member will be considered a part of your community. These gestures can also be more than simple courtesies because they give you an opportunity to put the prospective residents (and pets) at ease and to see how their pets interact within a multifamily setting.

Be feline familiar.

Cats love the opportunity to lounge on high shelves and to soak in some sun by the windows. Not to leave your cat prospects out, for applicants with cats, make sure you feature the windows, natural light, and any built-in shelving in the units you show.

Give a warm reception.

Finally, when your applicants come in to sign their leases, refer to your good tour notes and welcome their pets – by name – to your property. You may even consider offering them a pet welcome gift (like the ideas we shared here). This helps ensure that new residents properly register their pets with the building, and they also may be more inclined to let you know before they are considering bringing new pets into their home.

Converting prospects into residents is an important skill to master. Helping your prospects with pets envision a safe and welcoming environment for their families is your first opportunity to establish “Pet Friendly” and create a memorable and unique leasing tour experience.

Want more great ideas to help attract pet owners in your community?

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