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5 Ways to Partner with Local Businesses to Upgrade your Pet Resident Experience

Updated: Feb 1, 2022

Incorporating local businesses into your pet events and initiatives is a great way to introduce residents to new service providers, support local businesses, and cut your event costs. Everyone wins! Most businesses will be thrilled to jump in and help with coordinating the event, ultimately saving your time and resources in addition to money. We’re sharing a few of our favorite ways to work with local pet businesses.

Partner with a Local Dog Trainer to Host a Pet Parent Workshop Local dog trainers can help create an engaging evening for residents, while also educating them to be better pet parents within your property. Find a trusted trainer and work with them to cross-promote their services in exchange for them hosting an on-site resident workshop! Many trainers will not only do this for free in exchange for the promotion, but they’ll be able to work with you to address specific pain points you’re experiencing on your property (such as the importance of keeping dogs on leash, or avoid letting your dog pee immediately outside the building entrance).

Partner with Local Rescues to Waive Fees or Get Pre-Approval Shelters are always looking for ways to increase community engagement and outreach. Developing a good relationship with your local rescue can benefit both the property, residents, and the rescue. Many rescues require a pre-screening of resident homes to ensure a safe environment for the pet, and offering a tour of the property could streamline and expedite the process for residents looking to adopt. Many shelters will agree to waive or reduce the adoption fees for residents at certain trusted communities - and developing this relationship will allow you to be more in the know to ensure new pets are properly registered. If you are reaching out to a rescue, make sure to be transparent about any breed restrictions in advance so that everyone is on the same page of which animals may/may not qualify for your property.

Partner with a Groomer for a Pet Spa Event or Mobile Grooming

You have a lot of flexibility when partnering with a groomer! The more common route is to find a Mobile Groomer who can bring their vehicle to your property for the day and offer advanced sign ups for grooming services. While they may not be able to give a monetary discount, most mobile groomers will be happy to offer an upgraded service (such as a higher end conditioning treatment, or complimentary nail trim) for your residents!

If you’re having trouble booking a mobile groomer, you may see more success by working with a brick and mortar shop to offer a complimentary “spa day” for residents at the property! This would be hosted in your building’s pet wash area and residents can sign up for mini pampering sessions with the groomer. Typically, this includes light brushing, waterless shampoo refresh, and eye/ear cleaning. We love this type of programming because it activates an existing amenity space that residents may not often take advantage of, while giving the groomer an opportunity to promote their shop/services. We do recommend making this an extra special experience and investing in some teeth-cleaning treats (like Greenies) or some cute pet bandanas!

Partner with a Local Pet Shop or Bakery for Pet of the Month Prizes If you’re hosting a pet of the month program, take the opportunity to support a local business in the neighborhood when sourcing prizes. While you have many businesses to choose from, we recommend starting your outreach with a local pet store or bakery, since they offer products that will appeal to a wider range of pets and aren’t dog-specific. Your pet of the month gift can consist of a gift card to the store, or a product prize…did someone say complimentary pupcakes? As with some of the other recommendations, many businesses will be happy to offer a free product or an upgrade for the organic exposure to residents.

Host a Pet Supply Drive to Benefit a Local Shelter

Work with a local shelter to find out what pet supplies they’re in need of and host a pet supply drive in your community. You’ll find that many residents have unopened pet food, cat litter, and toys that their pet didn’t like or weren’t suitable for them but are still in excellent condition or unused. In many cases, the shelter will be able to send over a volunteer to pick up the donations! We love events with a charitable angle, and these have been very popular around the holidays when people are refreshing their pet supplies and want to give back.

With all of the above recommendations, we highly recommend vetting the service providers and beginning your outreach by speaking to residents to find out who they LOVE to use in your neighborhood, and going further by checking Google reviews for each business. Beyond just ensuring you’re bringing in the best service provider to your community, this will also make it more likely that the provider will be responsible and excited to work with your building.

Don’t have the time or resources to get all this done on your own??

Bring in a service like Bark Buildings! We may be a little biased but the best way to pamper pet residents and show your appreciation is to sign up for the Bark Buildings pet amenity program! We’ll power you with all the tools you need to amplify your building’s pet friendliness - from a dedicated pet concierge, to a pet event kit, vetted local service providers, and a pet of the month program - your residents and their pets will truly love where they live! Learn more here.


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